Divorce Costs

legal documentA divorce alone costs just under £1,200 including court fees of £550 and VAT.  There are further costs in order to deal with finances and/or children. The more people agree between themselves, the cheaper the process will be. If there is a lengthy court dispute divorce costs can be well over £20,000.

Is Legal Aid available for Divorce?

Government proposals suggest that legal aid for family matters will not continue to be available unless there are issues of domestic violence. Cotswold Family Law, do not offer legal aid. You may be able to find another firm that can if you satisfy the financial criteria and your case is considered suitable for legal aid. But remember legal aid is generally only a loan and will have to be repaid out of any money or property acquired as a result of the proceedings.

Ways to Reduce Divorce Costs

The more you can agree about the separation of your assets or the arrangements for your children the less you are likely to pay with regard to divorce costs. We emphasise the need to consider all options available to you. The collaborative law process enables both parties to consider whether they can reach an agreement with regard to either finances or children or both without the need to make a separate application to the Court. It may not be easy but it is likely to be a lot less expensive than making an application through the Courts.

Likely Costs of a Court Application

If an application is made to deal with the finances because there has been no agreement, one party makes an application to the Court and pays a fee.

The Court then sets a timetable within which certain matters take place. The first is filing a Form E, a detailed account of the parties' finances. Approximately twelve weeks is allowed for this, and then your legal representative files further documentation with the Court and after about sixten to twenty weeks there is a Court hearing. Your likely legal costs for this stage of the procedure will be £2,000 - £5,000.

If the matter is not settled, there may be one or two further hearings. A second hearing, and all the work that is required in relation to that will, add roughly another £5,000 to your costs, if not more.

If the matter proceeds to a final hearing and a day or more in Court, then the costs of this will be in excess of £15,000.

Similar costs apply if there is a Court hearing involving children. This may be a dispute about with whom the children are to live or possibly one party wishes to make an application to take the children to another country. There is an initial Court fee and then a series of small, short hearings at which the Court will endeavour the parents to reach an agreement. If no agreement is reached and a final hearing is required, the costs will be in the region of £5000, more if the matter is complicated or particular evidence is sought.


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