Divorce Advice for Men

Most divorces in England and Wales are initiated by women.  The receipt of divorce papers can often come as an unwelcome shock both emotionally and because of the financial problems that may be caused.

Dealing with the Financial Issues

Men perhaps need to recognise that it is emotionally difficult dealing with a divorce and at Cotswold Family Law, we certainly accept that everyone is going to have to make difficult financial decisions in a context where emotions may be running high.

Men often worry that a divorce settlement will leave them penniless. The division of assets needs to be fair and that is fair to both parties. Inevitably, both parties are generally worse off financially as assets have to be divided, but it needs to be done in a way that as far as possible suits the particular needs of each party.

Divorce and Children

Possibly the main concern for men is losing contact with their children. Please read the numerous articles on the Cotswold Family Law website dealing with this issue. The Courts do not have a bias in favour of one or other party should the matter come to bfatherse argued in front of a Judge.

We would stress, however, that the Courts recognise that both parents need to maintain contact and involvement with their children. Quite often, fathers find that they have better quality time with their children once separated, as they do have to set aside time for their children in a way that they may not have done before.


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