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If your relationship has broken down, but you don't want to get a divorce for religious, family or other personal reasons, you might need a little help to consider alternatives to divorce.

In cases when there are religious or personal objections to a divorce, it is possible to arrange for a judicial separation, which follows the same procedures as for a divorce apart from the fact that you do not receive the decree absolute. As with a divorce, if you don't reach an agreement the Court will settle disputes about children and finances.Flowers

If you proceed with a Judicial Separation, it gives you a formal legal separation but you remain married. You can legally live apart but you will be unable to remarry. 

The reason people may choose a judicial separation as opposed to a divorce is either for religious reasons, if they object to a divorce on that basis, or more practically if parties are elderly and do not wish to lose pension benefits accrued and due to a spouse.

It is particularly important to consult with a family lawyer in such a case as there may be particular reasons for choosing a judicial separation over a divorce and you need to weigh up the advantages and disadvantages of both very carefully.  

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