Divorce Costs

We will set out our costs for representing and advising you. We will continue to review those costs and update you on a regular basis. Naturally, the fees we charge will depend on your circumstances and the complexity of your case.

Is legal aid available for divorce?

Legal aid is only available for family matters in limited, specific circumstances. You can find more information about who is eligible on https://www.gov.uk/legal-aid. At Cotswold Family Law, we do not offer legal aid. Even if you are eligible, legal aid is generally only a loan. You will have to repay it out of any money or property you acquire as a result of the proceedings.

Ways to reduce divorce costs

The best way to minimise costs is to talk to your partner and come to an agreement about the separation of your assets. You also need to discuss the arrangements for your children. The more you can agree, the less you are likely to pay in divorce costs.

How much will it cost if you make a Court application?

If you can’t agree on your financial arrangements, one party makes an application to the Court and pays a fee.

The Court then sets a timetable within which certain matters take place. The first is filing a Form E, a detailed account of the parties’ finances. Approximately twelve weeks is allowed for this, and then your solicitor files further documentation with the Court. After about sixteen to twenty weeks there is a Court hearing.

If the matter is not settled, there may be one or two further hearings.

Rarely, a matter proceeds to a contested final hearing which will require a day or more in Court. The costs of this will be signifcant.

There is a similar process for matters involving children where there may be a dispute about with whom the child/children will live and any other arrangements that involve the children. There is an initial Court fee and then a series of small, short hearings at which the Court will encourage the parents to reach an agreement. If you still cannot reach an agreement then again, a contested final hearing will be required, often with multiple days in Court, and the costs will be significant.

To discuss your individual circumstances, please contact us to book a consultation.