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Local divorce solicitors providing advice to families in Oxfordshire, Warwickshire, Gloucestershire & the Cotswolds

Our specialist family divorce solicitors are dedicated to helping you to achieve a fair financial settlement when your marriage or civil partnership breaks down. We work hard to establish enduring child arrangements that work for you and your family.

When your marriage or partnership ends, especially if it is unexpected, it is a stressful time. We understand that you might feel overwhelmed and concerned for the future, or unsure about the best course of action to take. We will guide you through the options, whether you initiate the divorce or dissolution proceedings or you are responding to a divorce or dissolution started by your spouse/partner.

We give you practical divorce advice on your finances and your child arrangements. When you instruct Cotswold Family Law you are instructing expert divorce solicitors, including an accredited Family Law panel member, with the requisite experience to resolve the issues you are facing, making the process easier to understand and navigate.

We offer flexibility in arranging meetings to suit you; whether it be online or by phone, and in healthier times, face to face meetings at our office in Brailes, near Shipston on Stour, or in Banbury, or Bicester. During the initial appointment we want to understand your circumstances to enable us to provide you with effective advice straight away.

What you can expect from Cotswold Family Law divorce solicitors

When a couple breaks up, it is a time of great change. Each individual has a different experience; you might be worried about your obligations or options or wondering if you need to change your employment to cope with the financial implications of divorce or dissolution. Our divorce lawyers understand that a relationship breakdown multiplies concerns about finances, mortgages, rent, meeting bill or debt payments, so we can advise how these issues can be addressed.

You receive expert and personal service from qualified divorce solicitors when you engage Cotswold Family Law. We give you a clear picture of the different options available and straightforward advice on our fees and billing structure, including payment options for dealing with the costs of divorce. We offer a fixed fee arrangement for the divorce or dissolution process and you can also discuss other areas of relationship breakdown, if you are considering a legal separation, annulment, or pre or post marital agreements and how to make these as effective as possible.

At Cotswold Family Law we provide you with the ability to talk to a divorce lawyer who puts the best outcome for you and your family first. We offer the same professional service to all our clients, and we provide a balanced and practical approach to legal advice and a clear explanation of your obligations and the outcomes that can be achieved.

If you are concerned about being treated unfairly in a financial settlement our blog explains why equality in divorce is not always a 50/50 split. It explains the considerations that are made by the court when a financial settlement is considered, irrespective of whether you are male or female. It also explains how effective divorce lawyers seek agreements that divide assets in a way that works for now and for the future. These are the kind of considerations we work through with all our clients, in a clear and considered manner, as demonstrated by our testimonials page.

Ian Davies is a member of Resolution and a Family Law Panel accredited member. Resolution as an organisation is committed to supporting you in your search for constructive resolutions to family disputes, while looking to limit the number of divorce cases that go to court, by using effective and alternative methods of dispute resolution, such as Mediation and Arbitration. Please watch the short video below for more information about the approach we take to looking after you and your family.

Divorce – your questions

It is likely you will have questions about what happens when you start a divorce or dissolution process and how much a divorce lawyer costs. Sometimes people ask how soon they can start divorce or dissolution proceedings – the answer is that you must be married for more than a year. You will find lots more useful information in our blog where we explore topics like the No Fault divorce law; How the family court system works; the Impact of Covid; and How divorce affects people’s finances.

Find out more about the divorce process in the UK, step by step which sets out what happens at different stages of the current divorce process, before it changes in April 2022. There are many different forms to complete and submit to the courts and there is a requirement for both spouses to provide financial statements. Things can become complicated if the respondent fails to sign and return divorce or dissolution forms or does not disclose their financial position in an honest and fair way. If this situation occurs it will affect the time it takes to complete the divorce process and we might have to apply for a court order. Whatever happens, you can have confidence in our expert legal advice.

There are a number of legal reasons for divorce or dissolution and we’ll advise you on how to respond to a divorce or dissolution petition and the impact of a contested divorce. If you are initiating the divorce or dissolution, you have different options depending on how soon you want to divorce or dissolve your civil partnership. However, if you wait to begin divorce or dissolution proceedings, your spouse might initiate the divorce or dissolution which can have an impact on costs.

Everyone needs to know about their financial arrangements after a divorce or dissolution. We explain how the law treats divorce settlements and you get a brief overview of how your assets will be treated when you reach a financial agreement. You can also talk to our conveyancing team if you need to remortgage your house after your divorce or dissolution is finalised.

How much does a divorce or dissolution process cost and will I have to go to court?

These are often someone’s biggest worries when they approach us. We explain the typical divorce costs and court fees, so you know what to expect. You can also find out more about your different options when it comes to paying your divorce fees. Our matrimonial solicitors always try to reach a fair agreement without involving the court and we encourage you and your spouse to talk and mediate whenever possible. This is different to collaborative divorce or dissolution but the service still focuses on dialogue between a couple. If this becomes impossible, we will talk to you about the merits of going to court so you can decide what steps to take next.

For an independent perspective, take a look at this PDF covering options for getting divorced from Resolution. They offer you an overview on your options for getting divorced. You can also read their guide to arbitration and advice on mediation to explore your options.

To talk to an expert divorce solicitor, simply call us on 01608 686590 or email to book my confidential consultation with an expert divorce lawyer.