Living Together Before Marriage: Do You Need a Cohabitation Agreement?

If you live together but are not married, you do not have the same legal rights as if you were actually married or had entered into a civil partnership. 

If you live together and then get married, the time spent together before marriage does count when assessing how long you have been married.  But living together itself does not convey any legal rights or responsibilities. 

Do you need a cohabitation agreement if you are living together before marriage? 

Some couples, if they are living together, want to establish exactly what the arrangements are. A cohabitation agreement is an informal legal document setting out rights and responsibilities. 

To deal with the ownership of property you would need to either change the ownership into joint names or otherwise or have a declaration of trust which clearly sets out how any property is owned and what should happen if the property is sold. 

A cohabitation agreement could also deal with other aspects such as where you might live, how you might live, what would happen if you separated and how the care of any children is to be dealt with.

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