Parenting After Divorce | The Benefits of Shared Parenting and Maintaining Contact

father and childrenEffects of Divorce on Children: Taking a long term view

Separating parents will have to co-parent their children for the rest of their lives.  It is in everyone’s interest for both parents to be able to attend School plays, Graduation, Weddings, Christenings etc.  Children will be less damaged if the divorce avoids conflict and is dealt with collaboratively.  Parents will also be able to form new relationships without the bitterness and damage caused by a difficult and painful divorce.  The collaborative process is not perfect but it is the best way to achieve a good divorce for parents and children.  Children need to be reassured that they will be able to maintain a relationship with both parents without hurting either party.

Parenting after Divorce

Both parents need to maintain an active involvement in their children’s lives after divorce.  The children will want and need to maintain that relationship. They will need the support of both parents to adjust to their new living arrangements, which may in time involve new partners and new siblings.  Starting your divorce with the collaborative approach will go a long way to helping all parties survive the effects of divorce. 

Contact with Children after Divorce

The ideal arrangement is for both parents to agree that they will both be fully involved with their children after divorce.  Sometimes there is an argument either about with whom the child will live or how much contact they have with one parent.  The government is proposing to replace the terms Residence and Contact Orders with a single Child Arrangements Order.  This is to encourage parents to see that there is no one parent who is the primary parent but that they both have a role to play in the children’s lives.

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