Making Arrangements for Your Children When Divorcing

How do I get or maintain contact with my child?

If relationships between parents breakdown then it often means that one parent does not see enough of the children.  Every effort is made by the Courts to ensure that both parents play an active role in the children’s lives.  The government is proposing a single Child Arrangements Order rather than the old form Residence and Contact to encourage shared parenting.  It is not in the children’s interests for one parent to deny them contact with the other.  If parents cannot agree about contact arrangements and mediation fails then an application to Court may be necessary. Please see this page for mor information on how the Courts decide disputes over children in divorce cases.

Making Arrangements for Your Children

Making arrangements for your children when you're divorcing | Help and Advice from Cotswold Family LawHow you are making arrangements for your children when you're divorcing will determine how quickly your divorce can proceed and how costly it will be in the end. As far as possible try and avoid conflict between yourselves or in front of the children.  It is not separating that can damage children but the conflict that may arise as a result.  The government is encouraging the concept of shared parenting arrangements after divorce to reflect the fact that children will need to maintain contact with both parents.  The terms “Residence” and “Contact” Orders are being replaced by a single Child Arrangement Order.

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