How to Divorce Without Hurting Your Children

girl in meadowChildren can react badly to a divorce, but not if parents can set an example by maintaining a good relationship with each other.  Try and put the children’s needs first.  Recognise that they want to maintain a relationship with the other parent and try and avoid conflict. 

We understand that it is not always possible for parents to agree how their children should be looked after, but as family lawyers we try to help both of you find a positive solution for common issues such as:

  •     Where the child will live
  •     Which parent will be the child's main carer
  •     When and how often the absent parent will see the child
  •     Maintenance arrangements

It is worth bearing in mind, that the Courts will get involved if you and your partner cannot reach an agreement and that disputes don't just increase the stress of a divorce.  Disputes prolong divorce cases and can substantially increase divorce costs.  It is therefore in the best interest of everyone involved if you can manage to reach an agreement with your partner.

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