How to Avoid Conflict When Divorcing

How to avoid conflict when divorcing | Divorce and Separation Advice from Cotswold Family LawDivorce is painful and emotionally draining for the whole family, but by avoiding conflict it is possible to make the process faster and smoother.  So how can you avoid argument and confrontation at a time when emotions are running high?

It helps if you and your partner can agree from the outset:

  • to be as collaborative as possible
  • not to bear a grudge and
  • to keep matters as rational as possible.

A collaborative family lawyer can help you and your partner come to an greement about your situation, your children and your finances in a calm, rational atmosphere that minimises conflict.

It is important to keep in mind that conflict is damaging to to your whole family, especially your children.  Conflict also ends up increasing legal costs and causes emotional harm.  It can also damage future relationships by creating unresolved bitterness.  Seek advice from a collaborative lawyer to avoid conflict when divorcing.

To discuss your personal circumstances with us and find out how a collaborative family laywer can help you, please CLICK HERE to make an appointment.

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