How Does Divorce Affect Children?

How Does Divorce Affect Children? | Help and Advice from Cotswold Family Law

A childs life can change dramatically when the parents decide to separate and divorce. The child will have one parent as the main carer and only see the other parent at intervals.  The family may move and the child may have to adapt to a new school and new environment.  Nobody will dispute that a couple's divorce will have an effect on their children.  But how much children are affected by their parents' divorce depends on the parents and the way they themselves handle their situation.

Children need to be fully informed if they are old enough to be aware of the situation.  A collaborative family lawyer will be trained to give advice on how speak to the children about divorce. 

It is important to note that it is not separating that is damaging to children but conflict between parents.  So help your children by reducing or eliminating conflict.

Children want and need to maintain a relationship with both parents. It is therefore helpful if the parents can maintain a reasonably good relationship with each other.  This is what collaborative law aims to achieve.

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