According to the media, January and February are peak times for people to consider a divorce.  Whether it is because it is a new year and they want a new start or because the weather is so miserable, people have run out of money after Christmas, there is not a lot to look forward to, summer seems an awfully long way away or whatever.  Certainly our website statistics indicate that there are suddenly a lot more people searching for information about divorce.

cflweb-girl-in-a-blooming-meadow-LgSo if anyone is thinking about divorce or separation, what should be their main consideration?  Well everyone is unique and everybody will have their own particular concerns.  Some may worry about where they are going to live, others will worry about the children – will they see less of them or will they be able to see them at all? Will someone else be controlling when and where they see the children?

Some things are a given.  If you are dividing assets between two people then generally you are each going to be worse off financially – it is almost impossible to avoid that.

The other point, of course, is that if you have children, the arrangements for looking after those children are going to have to change.  You are not going to be living all together and the children may end up spending more time with one parent than the other.  But some sort of shared care will need to be agreed and the more thought and discussion that goes into that between the parents, and without any animosity, the better.  It is a good example to show your children that you are able to face up to difficulties in a constructive way, and all the evidence shows that if parents can separate amicably, then their children will survive the experience much better.  Deal with everything as collaboratively as possible but get good advice.

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