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Obviously no two cases are ever the same, all we can do is to give you a rough idea of some clients’ experiences.

We encourage a round table approach as far as possible – we encourage a round table approach as far as possible to avoid the financial and emotional cost of going to court. That is not always possible. But for two clients aged over 65 who were getting divorced, a round table meeting helped each see the other’s point of view. Normally a court would have ordered the sale of the matrimonial home and all assets split equally. As the wife had moved in with a new partner, she agreed to take less than half the assets, enabling the husband to remain in the house he had lived in for much of his life.

Farming cases, like family businesses generally, can be difficult to resolve. The farm or business provides an income – if part is sold to provide cash for the party leaving the marriage then income is reduced. Generally large sums are involved and differences cannot be resolved, so the court is asked to decide how the assets are to be divided. The farm or business owner can be reluctant to lose any part of the asset and other family members may become involved, leading to protracted court cases. Most of these cases involve three court hearings and can be extremely stressful for all concerned. 

More common are the cases where parties, generally parents, want to try and resolve issues without going to court. They may have great difficulty communicating with each other and be reluctant to meet. Sometimes we have meetings where the parties do not actually meet but within the same building the lawyers can take instructions and reach an agreement about finances or children or both.

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