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Family law specialists CotswoldsThe system seems unfair

"There is a real tension throughout, between the highly personal aspects of any case and the public interest represented by the law and everything that goes with it. This means that a range of human emotions and situations get processed through what can be a pretty monstrous legal machine. The system seems expensive, impersonal and often unfair."

At Cotswold family Law we try to make the process seem less unfair and impersonal. We do our best to address your concerns and solve your problems so that we make the process as reasonable as possible.

Will I have to attend court?

Another concern is whether you will  have to attend court: "My meetings with you were productive and helped me to cope with the various situations by putting my mind at rest. I was very pleased I did not have to attend court as I do not think I would have been strong enough to face my ex-husband. The process helped me to cope with him, which meant that we were still able to communicate via email."



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