Two young childrenI sometimes think that blaming someone else is a national sport, as a nation we seem to be quite good at it. If there’s a problem then we blame the bankers, the politicians, those claiming benefits, those not paying taxes. It’s never our fault or our responsibility.

An interesting example is education. Employers are always blaming the education system for not producing school leavers or graduates to suit their criteria. Parents blame teachers, teachers blame parents, if kids do well then the exams are getting easier. Where is the personal responsibility in all of this? Where is the employer’s responsibility to train employees to be the type of person they want for the roles they have available? Where is the sense of national outrage that we as a nation do not in fact educate our population to the same standard as say, Germany?

In law the blame game is paramount. One solicitor will always blame the other solicitor, that solicitor will blame their client. If all else fails we can blame the court system or the judge. If the two parties in a divorce fail to reach an agreement, then it is always the other’s fault. If the matter goes to court for a judge to decide – then of course, it’s the judge’s fault for getting it wrong. What about personal responsibility, if you really want to reach an agreement then you may have to compromise and that applies to both parties. Similarly, lawyers need to take responsibility instead of blaming the other lawyer. Pick up the phone – do something to move matters forward don’t just sit back and blame. It’s surely important that we all take more of a personal responsibility for the situation in which we find ourselves.

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