Employing lawyers can be expensive which is why we have introduced a new way to pay.  It is actually a completely different way of using or accessing legal services.  We want to make it as easy as possible to get advice that you can afford.  Obviously the more time you spend with the lawyer the more it will cost, the more you ask us to do the more it will cost.

This also means that the more that you can agree with your partner the better and the more that you can sort out practically between the two of you the better.  At some point though, you are going to need some legal advice and you may even need some legal documents producing.  So we have introduced a pay-as-you-go service.  This means that when you need legal advice you can receive face-to-face advice either generally about your options or about a particular aspect of your case, for instance preparing a divorce petition or dealing with the finances.  You pay there and then for the time spent with the lawyer. 

CFL office with flowersYou then go away and deal with the rest of your matter yourself.  This means that you are responsible for any correspondence, you fill in any Court forms that might be required, you deal directly with your partner or your partner’s lawyer if they are represented.  You do not have an on-going relationship with the lawyer, you simply seek advice as and when you need it and pay for it at that particular time. 

So a typical case may be that you come in for some initial advice and you pay for that session, however long it takes, at an hourly rate. 

You then go away and deal with your divorce yourself writing letters, filling in forms – whatever is required.  If you need any more advice then you simply make an appointment, come in and pay for that advice which may involve the production of a legal document which you pay for and take away.  It is your responsibility to deal directly with the Court and your partner.  So you do not have on-going access to a lawyer in terms of emails, telephone calls etc, as a normal client would, you are to a certain extent “on your own” unless and until you come back for some more advice – which you pay for at the time.  So it is a pay-as-you-go process, you will know exactly where you are in terms of costs, you will be required to pay for it at the time because there is no on-going relationship between you and the firm unless you return for more advice.

As you see it is quite a different approach and it is only suitable for people who feel able to deal with the practical and the emotional issues of their separation themselves.

Generally most people prefer to have on-going help and support from a lawyer who can help them through the process because dealing with your own divorce can be painful.  Sometimes having an independent, rational but sympathetic approach can help.  So it is very much up to you which option you choose.

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