Cotswold Family LawI am quite an enthusiastic cyclist averaging around 200 miles a week.  Many people suggest that this must take quite a lot of time and doesn’t it interfere with the rest of my life.  That time out is a vital few hours every day to plan, think about your business and to work on and not in your business.  Problems that you have been working on during the day can often sort themselves out on the cycle ride home.

More importantly though, a long cycle ride – I did 300 kilometres this weekend – really helps with your motivation and self-discipline.  If you can cycle non-stop for fourteen hours then you can almost do anything.  Cycling isn’t really about ability, it is about not stopping.  Running a business is very much about attitude too.  The unexpected happens, things don’t go according to plan and it is not as easy to make money as you first thought, but it is your attitude that will see you through any difficulties.  It is all about keeping going, whatever happens.

It is certainly true for me that cycling uphill is a lot easier than cycling downhill, it is when things are difficult that you begin to focus and actually have to think about what you are doing and why and where you want to go.  You concentrate on pedalling up that hill, there is not a lot of distraction, not a lot of skill involved, it is just a question of keeping going.  It is far more difficult coming down – that requires skill, you actually need to know what you are doing in terms of handling the corners, braking appropriately – braking too hard means you are likely to fall off and not braking at all means you are also going to have an accident.  If you are cycling fast downhill you really have to concentrate otherwise you could have a really unpleasant accident.  Cycling uphill doesn’t take nearly as much skill – it is actually quite easy, as long as you are prepared to keep going and not stop!

So, try cycling – it is great for business!

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